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ARCHS Partners with United 4 Children

Effective July 1, 2021, ARCHS will partner with United 4 Children to provide Educare services and trainings. Current ARCHS' Educare partners will be sent a communication with additional details. ARCHS' Educare staff will be joining the United 4 Children team to ensure a seamless transfer of services and expertise. ARCHS has partnered with United 4 Children for many years to provide youth development and out of school time programs. ARCHS will continue to provide funding, strategic consulting, and technical assistance expertise to support Educare. Please refer to United 4 Children's website to learn more about their services.

Did you miss Tom Copeland? No Problem!

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If you missed our recent webinar "Business Planning, Budgeting & Taxes: How COVID-19 deductions, loans, and time/space percentage will affect your tax preparations this year" presented by Tom Copeland, it's not too late!

You can still gain credit for this session if you watch the recording of this session at

Then, take a 10-question quiz at the end of the session. This session is worth 2 clock hours, and is being sponsored by ARCHS. You must answer 8 questions to receive clock hour credit for the session, but may retake the quiz one additional time if you do not have 8 correct answers on your first attempt.

Quiz for Clock Hour Credit: